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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA®) takes a unique and integrative approach to cancer care. Our patient-centered care model is founded on a commitment to personalized medicine, tailoring a combination of treatments to the needs of each individual patient. At the same time, we support patients’ quality of life by offering therapies designed to help them manage the side effects of treatment, addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, so they are better able to stay on their treatment regimens and get back to life. At the core of our whole-person approach is what we call the Mother Standard® of care, so named because it requires that we treat our patients, and one another, like we would want our loved ones to be treated. This innovative approach has earned our hospitals a Best Place to Work distinction and numerous accreditations. Each of us has a stake in the successful outcomes of every patient we treat.

Job Description:

Job Title:


Effective Date:


Reports To (Title):

Supervisor, Transportation




Dispatch / Driver

Dept/Cost Center:


Instructions:  This questionnaire, when completed and approved, will constitute the Job Description.  This questionnaire has been designed to provide basic job information for many uses including job evaluation, staffing, skills/career development and to meet government requirements.  Please complete the following sections as completely as possible and obtain the proper approvals.

SECTION A:  Job Overview

Coordinate all transportation services including scheduling and dispatching of vehicles via multiple electronic devices; telephones, IPAD, and cellular phones. Answer phones from patients, caregivers, physicians, and stakeholders.  Organize and document taxi voucher requests. Operate fax and copier machine. Assign vehicles to drivers, maintain daily schedule of jobs planned and performed, and perform other duties as deemed necessary to complete the job on a daily basis. Note* Must be able to keep medical information confidential.

Responsible for transportation of Patients, Executives, etc. in extra length vehicles and shuttle buses to and from various locations within a 50 mile radius of ERMC. Assures the passenger’s needs are met, thus creating a maximum comfort level and representing the hospital in a safe and positive manner.

Mature, responsible, dependable, professional, polite, patient, people-oriented with excellent communication skills!
*Excellent telephone skills required.
*Must be able to handle multiple-functions and activities.
*Must be organized and be able to prioritize quickly.
*Experience preferred but will train bright, motivated person.

Must be competent in giving verbal directions and instructions to lost patients or stakeholders

SECTION B:  Job Accountabilities

1. Scheduling drivers to perform daily pick ups of Patients at Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations and Homes.


SS Codes:

2. Transports Patients, Care Givers, Stakeholders and Executives to and from airports, train stations, bus terminals and private homes in a safe and timely manner.


SS Codes:

3. Familiarity with Philadelphia area and able to read and comprehend maps and GPS system.


SS Codes:

4. Assures that the mode of transportation car or bus has been checked for safety before departure.


SS Codes:

5. Communication ,Interpersonal and problem solving skills


SS Codes:

6. Good telephone skills. Able to support Director with monthly reports.


SS Codes:

7. Will be on call and perform the task of picking up Patients if after hours. Will schedule other Dispatcher in the event they are out (sick, vacation).


SS Codes:

8. Will have a valid PA. Drivers License with good driving record for previous 3 years.


SS Codes:

TOTAL    100%

SECTION C:  Supporting Statements

Listed below are several statements that provide explanations to why responsibilities, tasks or activities might be a particularly important part of the overall nature of a job.  For each accountability that you listed in Section II, please review the list of statements and write the letter(s) that apply in the ‘SS Code’ box in Section II.  You may use more than one statement.  If none of the statements apply, fill in letter F.

(This information is used to help Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

The performance of this responsibility is the reason that the job exists.

There are limited stakeholders among whom the performance of this responsibility can be distributed.

This responsibility occupies a great deal of the jobholder’s time.

This responsibility is highly specialized.  Jobholders are hired for the skill/ability to perform this.

Failure to perform this responsibility may have serious consequences.

No statements apply.

SECTION D:  Essential Job Requirements

Please review the following listings of potential job requirements.  Check the box for any requirement that is essential to performing this job and give frequency *.  Be sure to focus on what is actually required by the job.

(This information is used to help Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

A.  Physical Demands

Physical Abilities (with or without corrective action e.g. eyeglasses)



Prolonged standing


Feeling: ability to perceive attributes

Prolonged walking


Of objects by means of skin receptors

Prolonged sitting


Talking:  ability to express or exchange


Repetitive lifting


Ideas by means of spoken words


Prolonged and/or repetitive carrying


Hearing:  ability to perceive the nature

Repetitive pushing and/or pulling


Of sounds by the ear


Prolonged or repetitive climbing


Eye/hand/foot coordination:  performing

Prolonged or repetitive balancing


Work through using two or more


Prolonged or repetitive stooping,

Far acuity:  ability to see clearly at

kneeling, crouching and/or crawling


20 or more feet


Repetitive reaching


Near acuity:  ability to see clearly at

Prolonged or repetitive seizing, holding,

20 inches or less


grasping, or otherwise working with

Depth perception:  ability to judge



distance and space relationships


Repetitive fingering, picking, pinching,

Field of vision:  ability to see

or otherwise working with fingers




Prolonged eye strain through detail

Accommodation:  ability to adjust vision

work, concentration or continual

to bring objects into focus




Color Vision:  ability to distinguish

Other (please specify)


and identify different colors


Other (please specify)

C.  Environmental Conditions

D.  Physical Strength

Frequency *


Temperature cold enough to cause

Lifting of up to 10 lbs


marked bodily discomfort


Lifting/carrying of objects up to 25 lbs


Temperature hot enough to cause

Lifting/carrying of objects up to 50 lbs


marked bodily discomfort


Lifting/carrying of objects up to 50 lbs


Variations in temperature from


or more


hot to cold


Pushing/pulling objects of light weight


Frequent contact with water or other

(i.e., carts)




Pushing/pulling objects of moderate


Conditions with high humidity to cause

weight (i.e., dollies, hand trucks)


bodily reactions


Pushing/pulling heavy objects (i.e.,

Sufficient noise to cause distraction

hand trucks)


or possible hearing loss


Other (please specify)


Strain on the body to cause bodily

harm If endured daily (vibrations)


Conditions where there is a danger to

life, body and/or health


Atmospheric conditions that affect the

skin or respiratory


Other (please specify)


* Frequency Codes:  1-Hourly; 2-Daily; 3-Weekly; 4-Monthly

SECTION E:  Organizational Relationships

Complete the organization chart using correct organizational titles

Title of Supervisor/Manager of this job.

Title of this job.

Title of Peer Positions

Title(s) of those that report to this job.  Use inset box to indicate number in each position.

(Click inside the box to type).                                            


A. Transportation Supervisor





B. Driver and Dispatcher






Total Number of Direct Reports:

Total Number of Indirect Reports

SECTION F:  Career Charting


Source Jobs:

What jobs within Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. would provide the appropriate training, responsibilities, etc., to prepare a stakeholder for this job?






Progression Jobs:

What jobs within Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. would this job prepare a stakeholder for?






SECTION G:  Education/Experience Level

Identify the typical (or minimum) combination of education and experience required to bring someone new into the job.  If a college degree is necessary, indicate whether a particular major is appropriate.  A minimum and a preferred/fully competent level can be listed.

(Example:  Minimum of a BS/BA in Business, Human Resources or a related field. Graduate Degree desirable.   Must have minimum of 3-5  years Human Resources experience with 2-3 years benefits experience.)

High School Diploma or GED Required

Some College Preferable

Driver should have a CDL-P or be able to get CDL-P Certification within 90 days of hire

SECTION H:  Knowledge and Skills

List the specific job-related skills, knowledge level and other qualifications required or preferred for this job.  This includes the knowledge of professional disciplines, procedures, hardware, software, computer languages, typing speed, equipment, certifications, etc. 

Good computer skills with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to solve problems.

Able to read a map and understand how to use a GPS system

SECTION I:  Problem Solving/Decision Making

What types of problem solving are commonly performed?  What decisions are made and acted upon independently by this position?   

Example:  Performs various benefits analysis and research in order to make recommendations to management.  Researches employee issues with various providers and solves problems.  

Makes recommendations to own management regarding benefits programs.  Decides on the method of analysis and resources to utilize in researching new policies/practices.  Resolves employee issues.)

Performs various logistical and problem solving issues when dispatching our drivers. Makes recommendations on how and when we should manage our fleet of cars and drivers to be more productive.

What, typically, does this position refer to the supervisor for approval?

(Examples:   Final policy/procedure recommendations to HR management regarding benefit changes.  Employee benefits issues that are outside of policy.)

Procedures that would require our drivers to travel more then our 50 mile radius. Overtime, late night Patient pick ups. Stakeholders request for time off. Any request to spend money.

What types of tools/procedures/guidance are available (if any) to help determine how to handle problems?

(Example:  Company HR policies, Benefits Summary Plan Descriptions, and legislation.  Benefits and HR management are available to answer daily questions and to review analysis. 

There is a SOP manual for dispatchers that was brought to ERMC from Zion when we opened. This SOP needs to be updated. Other areas for guidance would be HR, Supervisor of Transportation our other locations for support.

SECTION J:  Responsibility/Accountability

Review the two boxes below.  If this job coordinates or supervises others, place a ‘X’ in box I. next to the one category which best describes this jobs responsibilities.  If this job does not supervise others, go to box II and place a ‘X’ next to the one category which best describes the jobs responsibilities. 

This job coordinates or supervises others.


Coordinates the work of stakeholders.  May play role in performance reviews.


Manages stakeholders who perform task and process-oriented work.  Maintains responsibility for quality of work and personnel actions. 

Manages a large department or specialized professional area.  Authorizes department policy changes and recommends function/divisional policy changes.

Manages 1 or more departments or specialized professional areas.  Organizes programs, policies and manages coordination on a broad scale.  May assist top executives in determining policy relative to specialty area.

Controls the operation of a company-wide business activity or function.


This job does not coordinate or supervise others.

Works with detailed instructions and close supervision.


Works with procedures and periodic supervision.  May provide guidance to others in work group.


Works with procedures and some supervision.  Responsible for answering questions and providing guidance to stakeholders in department

Responsible for projects and high level administrative work. 

Works on specialized professional level assignments/projects with supervision.

Works on specialized professional level assignments/projects with general directions and guidance.

Has extensive latitude to work on projects that effect overall policy and business objectives.

SECTION K:  Supervision

If this job is supervisory, what are the duties with respect to stakeholder development, recruitment, work assignments, performance evaluation, salary administration, etc.

Example: Responsible for contributing to performance reviews, interviewing prospective stakeholders and assigning daily work activities.

Assigns daily work activities.

SECTION L:  Communications

< >Internal:   Please list the positions within Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. with which this job has regular contact.  Include those with the most frequent contact and/or most important purpose.  Note the position title, the frequency, and the purpose of the contact.  Do not include those stakeholders reporting directly or indirectly to this job.




(Example) All stakeholders


Answer questions and help to resolve departmental issues.




Travel and New Patients Schedulers



Board Members and Stakeholders



< > External:  Please indicate those individuals or organizations external to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. with whom this job has regular contact.  Note the contact, the frequency (daily, weekly, etc.), and the purpose of the contact.




Airlines, Train Stations ,Bus Stations etc. Patients Homes



Repair Shops for equipment


Repair of our equipment

Rental Companies

3 x per year

Car rental

We win together

Each CTCA employee is a Stakeholder, driven to make a true difference and help win the fight against cancer. Each day is a challenge, but this unique experience comes with rewards that you may never have thought possible. To ensure each team member brings his or her best self, we offer exceptional support and immersive training to encourage your personal and professional growth. If you’re ready to be part of something bigger and work with a passionate, dynamic group of care professionals, we invite you to join us. 

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