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Career possibilities at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) are unique. We seek skilled and compassionate individuals to fill a variety of clinical and non-clinical positions.

At CTCA® we ensure that our stakeholders have the ability to discover their potential. We know that if we give our stakeholders the freedom to go above and beyond, they will achieve greatness personally and professionally

Nursing & Patient Care

Nurse and Patient Care roles are critical members of a patient’s integrative care team, and play an essential part in empowering patients, and delivering compassionate care with superior outcomes and results. Read MoreThey offer advanced treatment options (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) as well as supportive therapies (nutritional support, naturopathic medicine, pain management, physical therapy, and spiritual support), and unwavering dedication to patients. They are a strong team of committed stakeholders that make a meaningful difference to both the patients and caregivers and are the anchor of the CTCA patient experience.

Nursing and Patient Care roles include positions such as Registered Nurses, Care/Case Management, Technicians, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Naturopathic Providers, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapy, Nurse Practitioners, etc.

Support Services

Support Services are an extension of the care we provide our patients and caregivers, and play a vital role by demonstrating the CTCA Mother Standard® of Care. Read More Support service roles contribute to the exceedingly high patient satisfaction scores, and provide compassion in ways such as a listening ear, kind heart, warm blanket or even a comforting hug.

Support Service roles include positions such as Accounts Payable, Clerical, Culinary, Environmental Services, Patient Accounts, Patient Relations, Transportation, etc.


At CTCA, we all have a stake—in delivering exceptional care; in providing transparent outcomes; in offering a meaningful patient experience. Read More Professional roles provide strategic, patient focused, business support and are committed to contributing to the CTCA Vision, Mission and Values, Promise and Stakeholder Bond. Professionals provide services to hospital department and stakeholders that directly serve patients and caregivers.

Professional roles include positions such as Information Technology (IT), Finance, Talent (Human Resources), Growth (Marketing), Business Development, etc.

Leadership & Management

Leadership and Management roles ensure CTCA has a healthy, loyal, fully-performing stakeholder in every role. They lead the strategic vision, engagement and talent management of CTCA, Read More and partner with front-line stakeholders to develop high performance teams that provide extraordinary service to our patients and caregivers.

Management and Leadership roles include positions such as Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and C-Level Executives.


At CTCA, Physicians are members of an integrative care team that create a multidisciplinary treatment plan based on the unique medical condition, needs and desires of the patient. Read More They provide evidenced based treatments through cancer care technologies and treatments resulting in published outcomes and results. Our Physicians offer hope and empower patients and their loved ones through our Patient Empowered Care® approach, which is focused on addressing the individual, whole-person needs of the patient.

Physician roles include positions such as Internists, Medical Practitioners, Medical Oncologists, Surgeons, Radiation Oncologists, Hospitalists, as well as site specific subspecialists, etc.


At CTCA, we know internships are a great opportunity to test-drive a career. They also offer you a chance to immediately translate classroom learnings into real-world practice. Read More Over the course of 10-12 weeks, you are paired with an Internship Sponsor within a specific department; you engage in team meetings, help execute department initiatives, and receive feedback on work completed. You have the opportunity to observe differing leadership styles, and practice operating within a fast-paced, team environment.


At CTCA, we seek to align team members’ interests with their day-to-day work; we each have a stake in the outcome of patient care, and expect empowerment, promotion of new ideas and personal development from all.

Management Fellowship Program

The Management Fellowship is designed to equip business, leadership and entrepreneurship-minded college graduates with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to become a Cancer Treatment Centers of America® leader. Learn more


Volunteers play a vital role in the fabric of CTCA. Our organizational focus is ‘the patient comes first’ and our volunteers extend that effort, Read More directly helping our patients and caregivers or offering support through behind-the-scenes services. Volunteers spend time with new patients, helping them navigate the building. They lead games and activities, play the piano and other instruments, and teach sewing, knitting, beading and other crafts to turn waiting time into a positive, beneficial experience full of hope and inspiration. Volunteers visit with those who are here by themselves, and they help caregivers when caring for a family member needs additional help. Our volunteer staff is dedicated to helping patients in ways that matter to the families.


We try to place volunteers according to their schedule, skills, talents and passion. Click on a location to search for volunteer opportunities

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